Designer Earrings for Every Occasion

Earrings are an essential part of wardrobe accessory for women. The ideal earrings can add a completing touch to any outfit. Most women pick these ideal accessories in accordance with their general style,color and apparel. While such shopping strategies offer an incredible approach to discover designer earrings that will match with a given outfit, they neglect the significance of face shape in purchasing that perfect accessory that fits the look. Women who can pick the right earrings will be able to stand out from the crowd by accentuating their natural beauty and the outfit.

Designer Earrings are the ones which stands out from the rest as they are unique and highly appealing. There are several luxury brands which craft designer earrings and styles which you can choose from, in accordance with the shape of your face,the occasion and outfit. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular choices in earrings.

Stud Earrings:

These kinds of earrings are considered classic and consist of a single stone, ball, or small design that fits directly on the earlobe. This is the most traditional style in earrings. Pearl earrings that sit rightly fitted into the ear may be described as stud earring or jewelry. Studs look good on every face type. They can be worn on regular days, evening parties and routine outings. They look good with traditional as well as contemporary outfits.

Cluster Earrings:

Cluster earrings are just an extension of studs. In studs, you usually have one diamond or one pearl. Here in cluster earrings, you have multiple diamonds, pearls or gemstones arranged to make a beautiful design. These earrings go well with bright and showy outfits and are also popular with people who prefer to wear style in daily wear.

Cluster Earrings Image Source: Benzerworld


Hoop Styled Earrings:

Closed hoop earrings are almost similar to lobe earrings but are usually circular and could be big or small depending on the style. These kinds of earrings generally have a wide, small hoop that clamps onto the ear with a clip-on mechanism. They are made of both plastics as well as metals. They are suited well for outdoor events and functions.


Chandelier earrings are what one can call the beginning of statement earrings. Chandeliers resemble the chandeliers used in home decor and hence the name. Chandelier earrings add to the design components of gems,  studs and drooping earrings. These type of designer earring highlight an embellished stud and a part that dangles underneath it. A number of these earrings broaden beneath the ear lobe and taper towards a small point. These earrings are best worn for weddings, cocktail parties or reception. Bridal earrings are mostly chandeliers as they are designed to give a heavy look.

Chandelier Earrings

There are many other designer bridal earrings available at online stores like which can be worn as per your choice but these are the main ones which are in vogue.

Designer Earrings are best-in-class, simple-to-wear jewelry accessory that any women can flaunt to complete her outfits. While purchasing earrings is to a great extent; a matter of individual style, women who need to benefit as much as possible from this jewelry pieces need to take into account the shape of their face and the style of the earrings to get the whole look right. Highlighting the regular face shape with the right pair of designer earrings can completely change the way you look and can make people’s head turn towards you to get the right attention you deserve.


Accessories Which Men Can Flaunt to Suit Their Style

An attire is incomplete without right kind of accessories. Perfectly assorted accessories do not just upgrade your looks,they uplift your mood as well. Complete your closet with a sharp blend of realistic accessories that can spruce up your looks. Here you will discover a flawless mix of items that meet your useful commonplace needs while creating a different and directional style proclamation.

Stylish Watches:                               

Smart Wrist Watches
Smart Wrist Watches

For a man, the array of acceptable accessories to wear is somewhat confined to a few things. A smart wristwatch is a reliable accessory, and can be used to demonstrate your taste and style. The subtle message a fine watch delivers on behalf of the wearer is that you can rely on my personal and professional opinions. As far as the watch strap is concerned, stainless steel is more down to earth than cowhide. Water resistance is a quality that you may not want to miss out on.


Neck Ties
Neck Ties

The more prominent quality of ties that a man has, the better it is. Be watchful of how to pick your tie as it is critical to maintain a strategic look Distance yourself from shabby ties on the grounds that they will simply look shoddy regardless of the fact that you match it with costly shirts or suits. Purchase the sort of a tie that you can carry off well with regards to the look and feel of the material. War fleet blue tie that is made of silk material is the best of all in my opinion.



Numerous men spend quite a long time without getting a substitution of their wallets or cleaning it out. A wallet stores your recognizable proof records and the cash which you work so hard to earn and you can without much of a stress discover fantastic wallets at reasonable rates. The good ones are those which provide you with plenty of room for all your valuables.




A fantastic cowhide cinch, much the same as an additional common pair of shoes can last you for a really drawn out stretch of time. Dark colors like black or chocolate tan are among the colors that can have enormous effect for the individuals who need to emerge in the swarm. These shades are awesome in light of the fact that they can undoubtedly match well with all your suits.



Other than giving you assurance against the suns beams, sunglasses additionally include panache. There are numerous different styles that are accessible and one of the best is the pilot outlines. Though it’s advisable not to don sports sunglasses with formal wear, you can easily flaunt the classic wayfarer or aviator.

Different types of Formals for Men and Women

Formals are the cloths which are designed in accordance with the socially acceptable clothing rules. Formal dress is considered appropriate for formal occasions like weddings, business meetings, and other professional events.

Events where formals are donned are classified into social functions and professional functions. Hence festive formals can also be categorized into those worn for social functions and those worn at professional functions. Social functions include weddings engagements and accompanying sangeet or mehndi ceremonies. Professional functions include office parties and celebrations.

The definition for festive formal in East and West are different. In western countries, formals generally include tuxedo or suit appropriate for a white tie or black tie event. Festive formals are worn in weddings and they generally mean the same as professional formals. They include a tux or suit. The only difference is that they are adorned with fun stuff like a colored bow tie and vest or a non traditional outfit like a funky shirt or a velvet jacket. For women, formals normally mean gowns. Festive formals for women mean short dresses and embellishments like sequins and neon bright colors that give a glittery effect are allowed here.

Though formals for men in professional set up refer to suits, tuxedos and plain shirt with appropriate trousers. But festive formals for men take a different turn altogether. In eastern regions people usually wear traditional clothes mirroring the cultural roots of the region.

The most popular festive formals for men include Sherwani and Jodhpuri Suits which are knee long coats intricately embroidered with thread, beads, sequins, mirrors and zardosi. Sherwani and Jodhpuri suits are the staples for any social settings as people residing in any South Asian region would rightfully agree. They have the power to elevate the look of a man from simple to elegant. Sherwani and Jodhpuri Suits are the ethnic wear that can make a man feel royal. Currently vibrant colors like peacock blue and bright yellow are much in vogue.Check out this designer sherwani embellished with rich applique work in fiery orange hue at

Festive Formals for Women:

Festive formals for women include party dresses. In Indian Ethnic Wear there is a wide range of attire for women, which includes Chaniya choli, Sarees, Anarkalis, Churidar and Lehenga. These apparels can be worn over a varied range of functions like the wedding reception, cocktail parties and traditional events. They are all specifically made in brighter tones and reflect the vibrant mood of the festivities.

With the mentioned style trends, one can easily don the right festive formals according to his needs. As festivities are great occasions for cultural binding, clothing worn needs to be in-sync with the proceedings and attire selected should be able to do full justice to the event. Festivals are spectacular events and are meant to be celebrated with great pomp and fervor. Likewise the apparel also needs to be on par with the event. In my view, when the general preference is towards traditional attire, Sherwani and Jodhpuri Suits are the best bet as they are rich in traditions and go well with the cultural aura of the event. Have a royal celebration with Sherwani and Jodhpuri Suits.

Costume Jewelry Options For Women in Saris

In a former post, we discussed about saris for women. We will now delve into accessories to accompany saris because apparel without accessories is as bland as sky without stars at night. Costume jewelry is becoming increasingly popular in recent times. Women who don sarees can flaunt heavy costume jewelry because sarees are an outfit that allow for heavy accentuated looks.

Costume jewelry options:

Markets are flooded with various options in costume jewelry. ‘Which costume jewelry options to choose with which attire?’ is a question that gives a hint of the underlying confusion. So here’s a quick guide on what options women have in terms of accessorizing themselves:

Diamond Jewelry:

Diamond jewelry is very popular as it is timeless. Real diamonds can get too pricey. Hence people prefer a relatively inexpensive option known as Cubic Zirconia or CZ jewelry. It gives the same regal effect as diamond without putting a hole in your pocket. Diamond jewelry is preferred for night time occasions like wedding receptions since it adds a sparkle to the bridal attire.Have a look at this awesome bridal necklace set and you will understand why diamond is the best choice while wearing a saree.

Bridal Cubic Zirconia Set
Bridal Cubic Zirconia Set

Polki Jewelry:

Polki is uncut diamonds studded in metal. Polki is different from diamond jewelry. Diamond jewelry is made up of small finished diamonds intricately arranges to craft a shape, while Polki are big diamonds fused into gold or silver finish. Here the size of polki itself being bigger than normal diamonds, it gives the jewelry a look straight out of Mughal era.

Kundan Jewelry:

People mostly confuse Kundan with Polki while both are poles apart in terms of price. Polki is uncut diamonds, while kundan is uncut gemstones. This makes kundan inexpensive though it gives the same royal look.You can visit for more designer options in jewelry.

Gorgeous Kundan Necklace
Gorgeous Kundan Necklace

Gemstone jewelry:

Emeralds, rubies and other gemstones when faked and fused with metal give birth to gemstone jewelry. These gemstones are not real and hence the final price of the jewelry is advantageous to people wishing to spend less. The advantage of this type of fake gemstone jewelry is that you can have them made in a hue that matches your attire and you can buy one with each and every designer piece of apparel you own.

Pearl Jewelry:

There are completely fake pearls available but those who want a touch of real can opt for cultured pearls. Pearls can look elegant with almost any type of dress and give a classic touch to the wearer’s looks.

Elegant Pearl Set
Elegant Pearl Set

Beaded Jewelry:

Remember the black beads that your grandmother made you wear to ward off the evil effects when you were young. Beads have always been popular. The advantage with beaded jewelry is that it is easy to make and you can make them yourself. The higher priced ones are usually done in costly metals like silver and gold and intricately carved to make each piece a unique one.

Oxidized Jewelry:

Oxidized jewelry has a very antique look which adds to its popularity besides the fact that it is very budget friendly. The effect gives a rusty look to the jewelry and gives a welcome change in the times of gold and silver finish.

Get a great look. Accessorize yourself with costume jewelry while donning a great sari for an effortlessly beautiful evening.

Formal Wear – The Most Sought After Apparel Solution For Men

Men’s Clothing comprises of 3 major apparel styles worth mentioning-namely formal, casual and semi formal of which semi formal is a recent addition. While the person’s personal choice depends upon the overall style of his character, likes and dislikes; clothing should be according to the needs of the situation and the occasions. Clothing needs to be at par with certain trends that people follow and in accordance to the socio-economic setting where the person has to be present.

Formal Wear
Formal Wear

Formal Clothing: Formal wear or formal dress is used for clothing appropriate for highly formal social events like wedding, state parties, or business meets. It generally refers to the western style of clothing characterized by black and white garments. Tail coats for men and ball gowns for women are the standard formal code. Nowadays the formal wear acceptable in work environment is a pair of shirt and trousers. Brands like Oxemberg provide stylish formal wear options at In the current scenario where people are expected to be continuously on the go, strict formal clothing has become impractical. Hence a new category of semi formal clothing style has come up that provides a room for comfort in clothing.

Semi Formal Clothing: Like mentioned earlier, semi formal clothing style was born to ease the rules of formal clothing and allow some room for comfort and freedom. As a result semi formal clothing consists of more comfortable options like suits, dinner jackets or tuxedos. For women, semi formal includes a blouse with a matching skirt or trousers.

Casual Clothing: Casual Clothes can rightfully be considered the antonym for formal clothes. What doesn’t fall under the category of formal or semi formal is casual clothing adds a bit of freedom to the expression of self which helps one to break from the daily rut and feel more experimental. With the rise in globalisation, definition of work underwent drastic changes. Business gave way to entrepreneurship and service paved a way for jobs making it imperative for people to change their dressing patterns. Earlier people who believed in hard work used to roam about in shabby clothes. Now people believe in smart work and move about in crisp clothes. The advent of industrialization and globalization added fuel to the fire. Hence was born the need to find an apparel solution that was acceptable to most working people. And a general consensus revealed a bend towards the formal wear.

Formal And Casual Clothing
Formal And Casual Clothing

Benefits of Formal Wear: Formal wear provides ease in dressing. You don’t have to rack your brains everyday thinking what you should wear today. It creates a favourable first impression and helps to avoid problems like indecent or revealing clothing. The visual uniformity that comes as a result of formal wear in the offices creates a sense of impartiality and fosters a sense of professionalism. Due to all these benefits people have become fonder of formal wear. Hence formal wear has become a sought after option and for office goers, it’s the most viable option. The rise of the corporate culture has bought in many changes in the lifestyle of people. Most people today are a part of either a corporate conglomerate or are entrepreneurs toying with fresh ideas. In any case, the dress code for all these people is the quintessential formal wear rightfully christened the business formal. It includes formal shirts in solid colors with appropriate formal trousers. For more important occasions, blazers and suits are the norms. For women it includes trousers or skirt with a blouse. Blazers and suits designed for women are fast penetrating the market. Saris are also acceptable in parts of Asia as a formal clothing option for women.

However varied the styles in clothing become; formal wear will rule the roost in the work environment. Let’s accept that the apparel basics in work wear start from formal wear and ends at formal wear making it completely indispensable.

Selecting Casual Summer Shades

In my last post, I had written about cool and casual weekend outfits for ladies. In this post I thought I would write about that one accessory which keeps a person cool. Literally. Yes we are talking about shades.  Sunglasses aren’t merely confined to be an accessory anymore. With global warming and increasing mercury levels, they have been promoted to the post of necessity. Earlier only celebrities who wished to appear cool and woo their fan following with ultra glam looks preferred sunglasses. Nowadays, every commoner needs a sun-glass before he/she steps out in the scorching sun. Sunglasses are not merely confined to fulfilling functional roles but are sought after for their quality to protect the eyes from damage caused by UV rays and raising the cool quotient of any person, celebrity or not. Since people have become more fashion conscious, they prefer to have options and don different shades with different outfits or events.

Here’s a quick guide for ladies out there in summer on how to choose a sun-glass and some pointers that will help you to choose the best eye wear that gels well with your apparel and accessories.

Earthy Shades For Warm Skin Tone
Earthy Shades For Warm Skin Tone

Pick the right shade (pun intended):

People with a cool orientation are used to referring to sunglasses as shades. But here we are talking about the color of the sunglasses. The color of your sunglasses has to invariably blend in with the color of your hair, eyes and most importantly the complexion of your skin.  Companies like Pantone release color reports every year that guide you on which colors are in vogue in the current season. Skin tones can generally be divided into two basic types-warm and cool. People with cool complexion possess blue or pink undertones and those with warm complexion possess yellow, peach or orange undertone. Those with cool complexion can go for black, silver, rose gold, glacier grey, marsala, scuba blue frames. For those on the warmer side of complexion can pick tangerine, custard yellow, gold, copper, coral, sand stone, peach, orange or red hues. Consider contrast color schemes while pairing sunglasses with outfits. For example you could pair an orange frame with a woodbine green jacket or sundress.

Right Shape Of Shades
Shades That Complement The Shape Of Your Face

Pick the right shape:

The next most important thing to keep in mind after the color selection is the shape of your face. The shape of sunglasses should complement the shape of your face. Those with round face can go for square glasses. Aviators and butterflies would be best for square shaped faces. Oval shaped faces need not worry as they can carry almost any shape of sunglasses with elan provided they are proportionate to the size of the face. Classic wayfarers are the safest bet for oblong faces. Those with diamond shaped faces should prefer frames that are small and end before the cheek bones. People with heart shaped faces should opt for wrap goggles or cat eye frames for softening the wide forehead and balancing the facial features.

Pick the right protection:

 The price of the sunglasses does not guarantee its quality. Invest in good quality sunglasses which assure definite protection against the UV rays of the Sun. Polarized lens reduce glare while photo chromic ones automatically adjust themselves to change in light density. You can also opt for the interchangeable lens which you can change to suit your requirements.

Pick the right frame:

The frame size should be appropriate and in accordance with the shape of your face. It should fit properly on your nose because a misfit could result in rashes or skin problems around the affected areas.

Experiment With Shades This Summer
Experiment With Quirky Shapes And Styles

Pick the right style:

The sunglasses are now available in a plethora of designs and styles to pick from. This summer rather than going for the regular pairs, experiment with one of the latest trends. The current spring trends include animal prints, colored flecks, bling, embellishments or embossing. These patterns accentuate the frames and rightfully divert the attention to the wearer.

This guide will definitely help you in choosing the right shades and keeping heat at bay this summer.

Casual Weekend Outfits for Women

You plough your wardrobe every morning to put together a professional formal look. Come weekend, a lazy attitude is built up which yells from inside your head “I don’t Care”. You are exhausted and do not intend to put in any amount of effort for styling after a long busy week in the office. You wish to party all along the weekend or just chill out with friends. But with all the basic womanly instincts you have, you cannot resist the temptation of looking stylish and cool. What do you don to look chic yet comfy?

So here are some great options to spice up your weekends.

Casual Jeans For Women
Casual Jeans For Women


Denims, khakis and chinos are the regular options and all of these assure you the best look on weekend. You can experiment with various cuts and fits like boot cut or slim fit to go with your personality. Experimenting with colors will also give you a new look and a fresh appeal.  For instance if you normally prefer to wear blue denims go for a carbon black once in a while.

If you have a bold streak in you, then you can choose skinny crop denim or Capri. If you are vying for the best brand with an extra ordinary fit, go for 7forallmankind and see the magic it creates for you.


The variety available in tops is exclusive and hence sometimes confusing. Start your discovery from ruffles and frills for those on the feminine bend of mind to long tees, blouses for those on the curvier side of body frame. The polo necks or Chinese collars can be chosen by ones with petite looks and the ones with plus sized body can choose to stay in style with empire line tops. For those loving the bold looks, you can go for crop tops or tube tops with detachable straps that add to your oomph. The ones who wish to keep it simple and minimalist can opt for vests.


Sundresses render feminity to the wearer that is probably unmatched. Maxi dresses are also a cool option. Floral prints enhance the look but you could also go for geometrical shapes and tessellations. Sundresses help you to look chic while feeling light and vibrant. For those who wish to go flirty, you can opt for infinity dresses which can be adjusted to suit your style.

Casual Wear Sundresses
Casual Wear Sundresses


Women almost always like to be spoilt for choices and with options available for women in footwear; they can rightly have their wishes fulfilled. There is a wide variety of styles in footwear available to be sported while being comfortable. The adventurous ones can choose casual shoes, sneakers or slip ons while those preferring to keep to basics but preferring style can go for wedges. Prefer the casual variety in faux leather or suede leather as it will ensure the safety and comfort and you will proudly be able to display your happy feet.


Weekends are fun and unwinding time and what better approach to send that message than to add a bit of bling to your embellishment. Jackets, scarves, glares and hats are all you need to up your chic quotient. You can surely elevate your look by donning fashion jewelry and it is understood that you are allowed to go a bit overboard with it too. You can get the right colors and right style without burning a hole into your pocket. Just one wonderful necklace with you maxi dress and you are all set for the evening.


Whether flying off to hotter place, touring a smart city or unraveling up at home, these luxurious style statement are a little differentiating ones from the routine weekend outfits which you would regularly put on and hence those in a drastic need for change can opt for any of these combination and feel the weekend spice up.

Indian Designer Saree

Sarees –An Extinct Form Of Apparel?

The other day I found my aunt quoting that if there is something that can never go out of trend, it is an Indian Designer Sarees. This quote of hers prompted me to think whether saree is loved by all and is as perennial as my aunt claimed it to be. Or is it just a forced option for aunts and moms considering the fact that they didn’t have many choices back then?

A saree is the most traditional version of draping a piece of cloth. It is understandable that people in the erstwhile era didn’t have any designer, label or brand to dress them up. The sartorial skills of artisans were not really advanced and saree for women and dhoti for men were most prevalent and widely acceptable choice in dressing since they didn’t require much stitching and could be worn by just draping around. 

women in sarees

But today we have a wide array of choices in terms of not only the type of dressing but also the cut and fabrics used in those dresses. Sarees, as a form of clothing, have to face competition not only from traditional contemporaries’ but also western influences.

When there are so many options for dressing, ranging from churidar kurtas and anarkalis to Indowestern, denims and tops to fill your wardrobe with, a question arises in my mind, why would I choose a saree over other forms of clothing? Then I thought a bit about it and listed down some reasons which would be enough to convince a lady why the choice of saree would not just be logical but also glamorous.


Sarees redefine the feminine look:

Sarees have always been associated with elegance and they confer femininity to the wearer as opposed to pants, jeans or blazers which are androgynous forms of dressing. A lady wearing an elegant saree naturally seems womanly.

Sarees offer comfort:

While wearing a saree, one can leave aside the worries about stockings, hats, veils, etc. Comfort with elegance is what sarees offer, requiring no girdles unlike other garments.

Sarees are multi-functional:

Wearing a saree is not restricted to any definite occasion or place. Sarees can be worn at office, home, family gatherings, birthday parties, weddings or also for a date. The unwonted grace it carries within itself will surely add to your beauty.

                                                                Sarees and Jewellery

Sarees can be teamed with any type of jewelry:

How about wearing a gorgeous jewelry piece crafted out of kundan with a denim and top? It would look weird if someone is wearing a gold necklace or a jadau set with jeans or gown. A saree can never go wrong here. Draping a saree accompanied with heavy jewelry set is a sure shot formula for looking royal.


Sarees can make you look sensual:

Sarees can not only conceal the body rightly but can also reveal the body rightly. It shapes the body contour accentuating one’s curves in the appropriate way. What better way to look sensual that be draped in a saree?

Sarees will always be sought for no matter what is in vogue. Can you think of a marriage without a saree? I cannot. Wedding wear is incomplete without saree and now even I have come to believe that a saree is indispensable in a woman’s wardrobe and life.There are various Indian Brands and designers who excel at creating masterpieces as far as sarees are concerned. Some of the most notable ones are Sabyasachi, Manish Malhotra, Tarun Tahiliani. While searching for sarees online, I found a quintessential Indian collection of sarees at

So all you wonderful ladies out there, have a perfect elegant look while draping a saree and rock the world with your sensuality..

Welcome To FreshtyLabel

Hello All. I am Sanyukta Sanyal. I am the most sociable element into the vicinity.  Expressing my opinions is as important to me as breathing. It’s a compulsion for me to express myself continuously whether be it through talking or through writing. I am a little lazy when it’s comes to cooking but a lot more crazy when it comes to eating.

I do not live in an extravagant surroundings but I do work for some cool brands. I have been closely associated with media and communications since last four years. I have been creating copies and content for different brands and I specifically enjoy making tag lines. I like to study the art of marketing besides writing articles. I have eventually mastered the job of keeping people aware and engaged with a plethora of online activities and promotions.


But one fine day amidst all this hustle and bustle of life, I felt that something was amiss. I gave it a thought and figured out that while I was busy chasing money and success, there was a vacuum created in my life as a result of not pursuing things that I felt passionately about.  I read an awesome article on how to discover your passion which inspired me to such an extent that I decided I would follow my passion rather than just run around to win the rat race. It was then that I decided to convert my zeal for fashion into something concrete. I decided to start a blog of my own to share my experiences and opinions with people who were keen to learn about creative offerings and designs by various luxury labels.

I always wanted to discuss about the current trends in styles.  For those who are into style, a mention of labels is indispensable. There was a time when designer labels were considered out of reach for most people. The current situation has changed completely. Globalization has made it possible for people of a particular nationality buying from designers who design and sell in places other than where they originated. And online shopping has changes the whole market scenario of choosing and buying designer labels. Some of the Best International Labels are just one click away now and are available to us 24/7 online without much of shopping or payment hassles. Isn’t that great development for fans of designer labels?

Hence fresh+style+label resulted into freshtylabel.

What will you find in freshtylabel? Everything and anything that epitomises style! Simply, because I believe that everyone should possess loads of it!

Welcome to freshtylabel!!!